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New Joes!

Just got the 2012 Joe Con Annihilators 3-pack. Its been on the wish list awhile but prices are high to say the least. Still have to decide if I’m going to open them. I haven’t open any convention 2 or 3 pack because I wanted to keep the value at its highest. But, I’m starting to have a change of heart and want to display everything.
I also picked up the Club FSS Dice. I did not buy the FSS, but I will get the second FSS. I’ll be picking up a few more of these as they come out.

I’m on my way to a local swap meet, I’ll post any finds later today. Uploading these from my phone and it won’t let me rotate the pics, ahhhh.

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Registration Op… What, what?

It is NOT happening today…. It is unfortunate that unforeseen issues always seem to crop up. … I was very excited to register for my set.

“Hello all,

Well, we have had an unforseen issue that is being resolved.  No registration this week.  Maybe next week, I just don’t know.

I  am just as frustrated with this as you are, so, I will no longer cry wolf.  There are 3 programmers working on this intermittent
error and we do not have a timeframe.  I’ll just tell you the earliest it could happen is Monday but, that is not a promise.

Thanks for your patience,