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GI Joe Convention Tiger Force Dial Tone Revealed

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The Club revealed the Tiger Force Dial Tone today to what seems like almost unanimous hate from the community. I have to admit, I am disappointed with the execution on this figure. The use of old 25th era parts, and the choice to use brown instead of blue really hurts the overall look of the figure. But with that said, it has grown on me in the hours since the initial reveal – though I imagine it will remain one of my least favorite offerings from the Club this year.


One thought on “GI Joe Convention Tiger Force Dial Tone Revealed

  1. Honestly.. I agree. He should have been done in a blue shirt. I’m thinking… If enough of us (Joe Fans) were to ask the club to rethink the brown shirt for the original blue. Even in the description it say’s ” Highly Requested Character in *Traditional theme Tiger Force deco.*” They may change the color. Because after all; this picture is a photo type. (Note: Photo depicts mock up and final product may slightly differ.) Just saying. ūüôā

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