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More Shocking IDW Comic News – Cobra Files Ending with #9!

With the release of IDW’s December solicitations, it was revealed that Cobra Files, considered by many to be the best of the GI Joe books, will come to a sudden end. This makes two surprising and disappointing GI Joe comic announcements in quick succession.

Costa himself confirmed the news on Twitter: “Yes, the final issue of COBRA FILES is 9. That may seem premature, but I’ve been building to this for two years – long before the relaunch.”

Costa went on to say: “I want to thank IDW and Hasbro for letting me end this run the way I always intended. And it’s not the last you’ll see of me in the Joeverse. Some characters’ stories will end FOR EVER. Some characters will show up in other books. Some of those books will be written by me.”

While a am a bit worried with the current state of Joe comics with the announced departures, I am happy to hear that Costa will be back writing Joe in the future. 



Fred Van Lente Leaving IDW GI Joe Main Title

About a week about, Newsarama broke the news that IDW GI Joe main title writer Fred Van Lente will be leaving the book after #11. I was really disappointed when I heard this because I really enjoyed the direction that Fred had taken Joe. It was a breath of fresh air and I was very surprised by this. Fred said his reason for leaving was that he had too much going on and something had to give. I was also surprised to hear that Fred thinks he accomplished all that he had wanted with Joe through only 11 comics. This makes me think that IDW and Van Lente agreed to a short run from the beginning. How could you accomplish all your goals with a GI Joe comic in 11 issues? 

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IDW Cobra # 19 Original Art for Cover Plus Unused Alternative Cover Art!

Hey guys, I also just picked up 2 awesome pieces of art from Antonio Fuso, the artist for Cobra. I really loved the retail incentive cover art for Cobra Vol. 2 #19 featuring the Baroness and I recently had the opportunity to buy that and an alternative unused cover featuring Chameleon!!! Fuso did an incredible job ob both of these and they are now hanging on one of the walls in my office! The first picture is scan of the final produced cover, followed by the Baroness art and Chameleon art!



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Original Comic Art – Inks !!!

I picked these up a little bit ago, but never shared them until now. They are the original inks for several different issues of IDW GI Joe #1. Some highlights include some of the first images of Krake, Destro killing some prisoner and the Hard Master (I think).


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IDW Limited GI Joe/Danger Girl Cross-over Red Label Releasing 4/30!

Here is another preview of IDW Limited’s GI Joe/Danger Girl Crossover that will be offered for pre-order at the end of the month, 4/30. This is just a sampling of the great sketches that are included in this limited edition book!


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IDW GI Joe #2 Original Art!

It is no secret that I am a fan of the IDW Joe comics. Recently I was able to score what I see as the iconic page from GI Joe Vol 3. Yes, I know it is only through the second issue, but I think this page will have a lasting effect/image on the series. I acquired the original pencil drawing of GI Joe #2, page #2 with Darklon, Firefly, Croc Master, and the Baroness looking badass and taking over the small town.


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IDW Special Missions #2 Review

Well I really liked not having to wait a month for the second issue! The story was a little slow, maybe a lot slow, it makes two in a row that are building and setting things up. So, in that respect, I like it. It gives a solid background and underpinning to the story. The art is solid. I love the retail incentive cover and cover B is my favorite regular cover. If the Special Missions books keep up the RI covers like this I will have to buy every single one. Without giving too much of the story away, the Joes reached the sunken ship first, followed closely by the Baroness, but they have not discovered each other yet. Serpentor also gets into the action, rescuing the children the Baroness kidnapped in exchange for information about what she was doing. It looks like #3 will be action packed, because at this point lots of things are coming to a head, should be exciting! Run out to your LCS and pick it up!

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GI Joe IDW Special Missions #1 Review

Well this one is really late, especially since tomorrow I will be posting the preview pages for Special Missions #2. But it has been busy around here. Before I get into the comic, just wanted to let everyone know that while I haven’t been posting any buys lately, I have gotten some cool stuff in and will be posting pics soon.

Now to Special Missions #1. Overall it was a good read. Art was solid, though I didn’t personally like some of the inconsistency in one panel to the next. But it did not detract too much. It was a much slower pace, especially from GI Joe #1 which saw Windmill killed off. The issue is setting up the first arc and it looks promising.

Couple things to note, this is not the one off stories that the Marvel GI Joe Special Missions were, it is multi issue stories. This bothered some people, but not me. I was not looking for the nostalgia factor with this book. I get that with Hama and ARAH. Second, at one point in the story, the Baroness has a girl disguise herself as the Baroness and she narrowly avoids an assassination attempt. The girl ends up having pink hair which lead many, including myself to wonder if this was Zarana, and a potential set up to the use of Dreadnoks. Well, I got tired of the speculation so I went straight to the source and asked Dixon! Here is what he said: “No, it was not. There’s no Zarana in this continuity yet.” So boom, pipebomb, bitches, (thanks Chuck) my first interview with an IDW Joe writer. Yeah it was only one question, but it counts. I will be trying to get some interviews with writers and artists, but I won’t announce more than this unless it really happens.

I really liked the Baroness in this issue, she was being her badass/sexy self kidnapping some children and holding them for ransom. Another thing that is amazing with this book and #2 is the retail incentive covers! They look awesome! But I think they may be 1:25 so definitely a lot harder to come by. I definitely recommend checking Special Missions out, and if you are on the fence about it, commit to just the first story arc which is the first 5 or so issues. I think it will grab your attention.

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IDW Limited GI Joe The Complete Collection Vol. 1 Black & Red Labels NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Just a quick update, the IDW Limited GI Joe Complete Collection Vol.1 Black and Red Labels are available now! The Black Label comes with the Herb Trimpe art and is limited to 25!!! Hurry before they sell out! I already grabbed mine!


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IDW GI Joe #2 Review!

This is a little late, I intend to get these out the day after the comics get released. First off, I LOVE the fist four pages of this book! The narrative from the Baroness is awesome! Seeing Darklon, the convention IGs, Firefly, Croc Master (not a continuity error, he did NOT die in Cobra), and Baroness/Worms was great. I may even have a special surprise related to that coming up, hint hint. Kurth did an amazing job on the art in this issue! I really enjoyed the fighting sequences, especially Cover Girl. I also liked that Hash Tag already got the team in trouble my tweeting their location and then saved the day by killing the Mayor. The “Springfield” aspect of taking over a town was cool and an idea that I have always enjoyed (along with Renegades portrayal of Cobra as a multi-national corporation). The story is progressing nicely, my only complaint is that it is too short!

It still is not too late to jump on and start reading as IDW is only two issues in. I definitely recommend it. Image