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Tiger Force Hand Painted Prototype Tiger Cat!

Here is another unique 1 of 1 GI Joe Tiger Force prototype, the Tiger Cat! Notice that the “Tiger Force” stickers used are actually slightly different than those used on the released vehicles with the yellow outlining. WP_20150923_002 WP_20150923_003 (1) WP_20150923_001

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IDW GI Joe ARAH #191 Preview!

GI Joe A Real American Hero #191
G.I. JOE goes to the jungle! LADY JAYE’s team is led into the jungles of southeast Asia for a mission that will pit G.I. JOE against an enemy they thought long gone: MAJOR BLUDD! Will fortune smile on LADY JAYE and her team or will the ruthless mercenary gain the upper hand? It’s kill or be killed in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #191!