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Tons of New Joes!

I went on a bit of a shopping spree and picked up a lot of stuff: SDCC Zarana (both pink and cold slither versions), FSS Quarrel, Grunt, Jinx, and Cover Girl, Funskool Super Cop with his his repainted vehicles, 25th anniversary Tiger Rat (I’m hoping the next con set, and my first attending con, will be Tiger Force), Kick Start, both versions of the Vamp Mk II with the Steel Brigade driver and Double Clutch, Night Fox w/ AWE Striker, Plastirama and Funskool Weapons Transport, and Plastirama and Funskool Bomb Disposal. To finish it off, I also picked up the Bronze Bombers 12-pack that used ARAH sculpts! A ton of packages arrived this week and the wife was very surprised, but understanding ūüôā

I’m excited to open up both of the Funskool vehicles because they are still sealed and come with free figure pack-ins. Here is to hoping for a Blue Hawk or Blue Short Fuze! Haha. Most likely it is just some random throw in, but it will be fun nonetheless.




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GI Joe Club FSS Figure Reveals – Desert Scorpion, Wide Scope, Tiger Force Shipwreck, and Toll Booth








While there seems to be a lot of CGI in there at the moment, I am excited for these figures. The Club is cleverly re-using many sculpts this time with Skull-Buster, Airtight, Shipwreck and Wide-Scope (looks to be the retaliation 3 pack trooper which may have also been the shock trooper). 


GI Joe Club Figure Subscription Service (FSS) NOW AVAILABLE For Pre-Order!!!!!!

Earlier today, the Club released a teaser image of the 12 figures in the Figure Subscription Service and said that registration and reveals would soon follow. Well, we did not have to wait long for the first two new figures revealed! In addition, the FSS is open and available to pre-order. I already got my set!

The Club revealed Night Force Falcon and one of my favorite figures, the Brazilian Tiger Force Air Tight! In addition, they also released pictures of the previously seen Skull Buster and Dragonsky!