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Interesting eBay Auction – GI Joe Sunbow Cartoon Art!!!!!!

A week or two ago there was an amazing auction on eBay. It was a binder full of over 500 character designs for the GI Joe Sunbow cartoon series! The auction ended up selling for over $2,200! I snagged the pictures to share with everyone before this disappears forever into a private collection. Enjoy!


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DIC Animation Cels

So as I have said before, I have been getting into preproduction and prototype items. That includes animation cels from the cartoons. First, while I haven’t watched Resolute (yet) there are some GREAT deals on eBay for original hand drawn art from the cartoon. Second, I have been able to score some really cool DIC animation cels. Just in today are a Cobra Commander and Road Pig cel and a Red Star, Cloudburst and Cutter cel.

Now I know DIC has gotten a lot of crap, but I was born in 1986 so I came around right in the middle of GI Joe. I had a great mix of 80s and 90s toys. That also meant that DIC was MY GI Joe universe. I wasn’t huge into the comics, I had a few, but DIC every morning before school, watching GI Joe was the best for me. Anyway enough of me talking, here are the pics!ImageImageA