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IDW Limited G.I. Joe/Danger Girl Black Label Now Available!

Hey guys,

the Limited G.I. Joe/Danger Girl Black Label that I previewed a couple weeks ago here, is now available for sale! Everything is in house and will ship this week! The art is fantastic and is limited to 50 different pieces, so act now if you want one. 

• A dynamite cross-over collected in explosively awesome fashion!

• Limited to just 50 hand-numbered copies

• Limited-edition, custom-designed tray case

• Features hand-drawn, original artwork from John Royle secured in a hardcover portfolio

• Mounted signature page signed by J. Scott Campbell, John Royle & Andy Hartnett

• Custom, exclusive to IDW Limited cover and casing

• Exclusive Fold-out pin-up featuring artwork by J. Scott Campbell

• Vellum overlay of the title page

• Brand-new endpages designed to mirror the style of the tray case and portfolio


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Exclusive First Image of IDW Limited’s Upcoming IDW Collection Vol. 1 Black Label Art

Hey guys, here is an exclusive first look at one of the sketches done by Robert Atkins for IDW Collection Vol 1, Black Label edition. This set will also be available as a Blue Label limited edition which will feature  two-character posed or battle scenes! Volume one will be released this June. I will be doing another preview once the art is complete! Here is the Black Label edition art preview, enjoy!


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IDW GI Joe #3 Preview

Fred Van Lente (w) • Steve Kurth (a) • Juan Doe, Kurth (c)

CHOOSE YOUR PATH! You become DUKE, leader of the G.I. JOE team, as he begins his journey to become a Real American Hero! You make the life or death decisions! Or—is Duke just being tortured horrifically at the hands of the Baroness, and this is way of dealing with it—a never-ending branching series of “Might Have Beens?” Or… is it both?

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio

FC • 32 pages • $3.99


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IDW Cobra Files #1 Review and Thoughts

 I enjoyed it. Since I jumped on to IDW late I’ve only read Vol 1 of Cobra, I still need 3 or 4 issues of Vol 2. I saw that because it seemed like this was much more of a continuation of the storyline than a reboot. I do like how Costa used the shrink in the beginning to explain some of what has been happening. Only thing I was confused about and wanted a little more info on was Tomax. But I’ll get that reading Vol 2. A secret base in a casino was a cool idea. 

I was excited to see Copperhead and then initially surprised he died so fast , but that is what Costa does and I like that. Only thing I wish was for that scene to really be tense. Either Costa and Fuso didn’t communicate the flinch of the worst that made Chameleon kill him was some movement to attack or she has a quick trigger finger from PTSD. Either way, I thought if you were gonna shoot him before you get any info out of him then it should have been a bigger threat. 

I also liked the ominous foreshadowing about Flint’s future health with Chameleon hooking up with him and her saying everyone she has been with is dead. Almost a subconscious violent move toward him. Seeing Billy was another surprise and I’m excited to see where thay leads. Oh and Tomax is becoming quite that character in Cobra Files. What do you guys think?


New Joes! Custom Incinerator and custom Desert Scorpion from Ratfink Customs!

While it is not typical art, nor is it official Hasbro GI Joe art, I also picked up two amazing customs from Ratfink Customs. I am also working with him on designing a third custom that I will talk more about later. He does some amazing work and I really enjoy it.

securedownload (1) securedownload DS DS2

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IDW Cobra # 19 Original Art for Cover Plus Unused Alternative Cover Art!

Hey guys, I also just picked up 2 awesome pieces of art from Antonio Fuso, the artist for Cobra. I really loved the retail incentive cover art for Cobra Vol. 2 #19 featuring the Baroness and I recently had the opportunity to buy that and an alternative unused cover featuring Chameleon!!! Fuso did an incredible job ob both of these and they are now hanging on one of the walls in my office! The first picture is scan of the final produced cover, followed by the Baroness art and Chameleon art!



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Original Comic Art – Inks !!!

I picked these up a little bit ago, but never shared them until now. They are the original inks for several different issues of IDW GI Joe #1. Some highlights include some of the first images of Krake, Destro killing some prisoner and the Hard Master (I think).


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GI Joe Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes Un-used Toy Concept Art

I won this auction off of eBay. I wasn’t a huge fan of RoC, but that didn’t stop me from picking up this Snake Eyes concept art for an un-used sculpt, with those ugly lips and all! I’ll be framing this and putting it up in the man cave. I will also be doing an “art” week here. I have been focusing a lot lately on picking up original art from the toys, comics, and cartoons and I will be showing off all of the pieces I have recently picked up.