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Tiger Force Hand Painted Prototype Tiger Cat!

Here is another unique 1 of 1 GI Joe Tiger Force prototype, the Tiger Cat! Notice that the “Tiger Force” stickers used are actually slightly different than those used on the released vehicles with the yellow outlining. WP_20150923_002 WP_20150923_003 (1) WP_20150923_001

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GI Joe Tiger Force Tiger Ray Prototype!

I have been pretty quiet on the blog for a few months, part of that has been moving into a new house and getting ready for my second kid arriving in two weeks. But another reason that I haven’t been updating the site with new finds is that I had been holding off and saving up for a potentially huge deal. I didn’t want to tease it, because early on, I was really unsure if it would end up working out. But in the end it did and I couldn’t be happier! I picked up a huge run on GI Joe Tiger Force prototypes, including my holy grail, the one and only prototype Tiger Ray. This is the actual vehicle that was teased in the GI Joe Discussion group. When I first saw it I knew that if I ever had the chance to buy it, I would do everything I could to make that happen. I was not only able to acquire the Tiger Ray, but several other amazing Tiger Force Prototypes, that I will share in the upcoming days.  Enjoy the pictures!WP_20150921_010WP_20150921_009