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New Joes! Funskool, FSS and more!

I bought Iceberg, the Club Membership Figure carded from the store (there still might be some available) as well as the mystery 13th FSS figure Blackout! I also picked up an Argentinian Flash with his file card. I’ve included a second picture with the US release (on the right) to compare the difference in color. Finally, I also picked some rare Funskool figures! I grabbed Emerald Zap, Purple Ripper, Gung Ho and Lady Jaye! I had been looking for the Emerald Zap and Purple Ripper for awhile and got both for a good deal! 








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IDW Limited Danger Girl/GI Joe Black Label In-Hand Pictures!

I received by copy of IDW Limited’s Danger Girl/GI Joe Black Label Edition this past weekend! I am really happy with the book and I love the original art that I received! I will let the pictures do the talking on this one for the most part. The first picture are the freebies that were included with the pre-order, second/third are the front and back cover of the box, fourth is the folder housing the original art piece, followed by my 100% unique Jinx art! (it is shaded red and looks awesome!), sixth/seventh are the front and back covers of the book itself, followed by picutres of the signature page, vellum overlay and a “art of” section after the comics with the virgin covers as well as pull out full page art!



Just Bought a Batman Toy! (Sorta)

Well for the first time in 20 years, I bought a Batman toy. However, this one is still GI Joe related! In 2003/2004 (I think) Funskool in India, used the mold from the 1988 Cobra Stellar Stiletto for a Batman jet. I first heard of this about 6 months ago and I had been looking for it, but did not put much effort into it. But since I also recently picked up the Bronze Bombers 12-pack which used Joe molds I decided that I would check eBay today for the Batman Battle Jet and I randomly stumbled upon it and picked it up for $10! 


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Walmart Score!

I went and grabbed a new phone at Bestbuy during my lunch break yesterday and there also happened to be a Walmart next door. I hadn’t checked a Walmart for Joes in over a year and wasn’t expecting to find anything. But lo and behold I found a ton of the hard to find wave 2.5/3! I picked up 2 Alley Vipers, along with a Dark Ninja and two Cyber Ninjas.