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GI Joe Convention Exclusives Revealed!!!!!

I have had a VERY busy day on eBay! Today is the first official day of JoeCon and the people with the Golden Ticket are going through the Club Store now and more importantly putting pictures and the toys up for sale!

Here is the list:

  • The Night Force Specialists 2-pack consists of Freestyle, a new female pilot, and Chuckles.  $60, secondary market $150+
  • The FLAK w/ Steeler  $66, secondary market 120+
  • The Night Force Boomer  con price of $145, secondary market 275+
  • The KREO Night Force 6 pack $33, secondary market $55+
  • Lady Jaye MOC $30, secondary market 200+
  •  KREO paratrooper Hit & Run  $14 (I think this goes on sale tomorrow, after the parachute drop)
  • The free bonus item is a night force ferret, secondary market $45+

Here are early pictures!



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Comic Book Resources Interview with Chuck Dixon

Comic Book Resoures has a great interview with Chuck Dixon about the IDW comics. Specifically, he talks about an homage to Hama’s #21 silent issue with Dixon and Atkins creating their own silent issue for Snake Eyes #21. He also talks about the upcoming reboot. Take a look by clicking the link or read the relevant GI Joe text below:

CBR News: Chuck, catch people up on what’s been going on lately in “Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow.”

Chuck Dixon: It’s been crazy. Snake Eyes was believed dead by the G.I. Joes but in actuality he’s returned to the Arashikage — the ninja clan that raised him. Due to his actions with his old clan, the G.I. Joes discover Snake Eyes is alive and working for the bad guys, although all of his operations with his ninja pals has harmed COBRA only. Still, he’s seen as a security threat to the USA and the G.I. Joes. That brings us to the arc “Target: Snake Eyes” in which the Joes (led by Scarlett) go to take out their friend. “Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow” #21 is an aftermath to the events in that arc.

Why homage the classic silent issue from “G.I. Joe” #21 in “Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow” #21?

IDW asked me if I was up to it. I wasn’t sure but took the challenge and it worked out well — I have [artist] Robert Atkins to thank for that. To make a wordless comic story work, an artist with strong storytelling chops is essential. I didn’t work like Larry Hama did on the original “G.I. Joe” #21 — I wrote a full script. Larry actually drew the layouts for his classic issue.

In the original story, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were at each other’s throats. Is this the case once more?

To tell you anything about the issue would give too much away. I will say Storm Shadow and the Hard Master meet for the first time in a long time.

Did you read  “G.I. Joe” #21 when it first came out? There was nothing else like it at the time coming from a mainstream publisher.

Absolutely, I read it when it came out. It’s a real landmark. I was blown away when Jim Sterankoopened “Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” with three wordless pages, and here was Larry doing an entire issue only in pictures. I think it should have had more impact on mainstream comics; a return to pure visual storytelling, but Larry was seen as an outlier in comics. Pioneers always are, right?

Does this new story tie-in to the continuity of the original at all, or is this a completely new universe next to the old Marvel title?

I think of it as a soft re-boot or re-imagining. I’m really not changing a whole lot. I suppose the biggest change is roping in some stuff from the cartoons and making them comic book canon for this continuity, but the G.I. Joes are the ones you know and COBRA is just as badass. I took an “if it ain’t broke…” approach to this issue.

How does writing a silent issue change your creative approach to storytelling?

More panels. Grid only. It has to look like a sequence of static images telling a story, not simply a comic book story with the word balloons left out. There’s a big difference. I have to have a lot happening in order to give the reader the feeling they haven’t been cheated by the lack of words. Also, lots of visual tricks and plenty of rewards and surprises for the reader. These kinds of issues rely on a lot of action, but the action must carry a through story with a payoff or it’s just an extended action sequence.

Have you done silent issues in any of your other comic book work?

I did a wordless issue once before when I was working on “Way of the Rat” at CrossGen, so I knew what I was in for. I also did a couple of wordless stories when I was working on “Batman,” but they were short stories.

What else is coming up in your “G.I. Joe” comics?

We’re shaking things up a bit on the “G.I. Joe” titles. I’ll be starting (or re-starting) “G.I. Joe: Special Missions” — it was always my favorite “G.I. Joe” title and it’s cool to get a shot at it. My first arc is Scarlett and her Spec Missions team against the Baroness in an underwater heist story. Paul Gulacy is on the art, so I’m thrilled.


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Update on Big Reveal

So, it looks like my items won’t arrive until late next week or the week after….. Hate waiting but I am very excited to post pics of some things that are rarely seen. One item is (I believe) only the second example ever seen. Merry early Christmas to me haha!

News has been slow lately, so there isn’t much to talk about. There are some really nice carded auctions on eBay right now. Satan, Ninja Ku and TNT are all ending in a couple hours. The Satan and Ku are unpunched and all three cards are in great shape. If I hadn’t bought what I just did, I would be in on those.

There are also some nice Brazilian joe auctions up at the moment, but I don’t have much interest in them. While I am a completist for the US run (at least in terms of figures from 82-94) I do not feel the same urge with international joes. Partly because of how crazy hard it is to track down certain figures and the huge amount of variants (with many largely undocumented) especially involving Funskool. I have also heard that there are  some really crazy Mexican repaint figures, but the only one I have heard that has them is of course Aire. And I’m not quite on the same level as her haha.

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Hasbro Kre-o Press Release

(Feel free to skip this wall of text… The Kreons are cool, playsets are alright. $2.99-$39.00. Considering buying them and stashing them for my future children.)

Construction Toys Based on the Classic G.I. JOE VS. COBRA Saga to be Available Exclusively at Toys“R”Us in 2013

PAWTUCKET, R.I. – October 11, 2012 – Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) officially announced that it will create KRE-O building sets based on the world famous characters and vehicles from its G.I. JOE brand. The new line of KRE-O G.I. JOE building sets will be available exclusively at Toys“R”Us retail locations and www.Toysrus.com beginning in February 2013. Hasbro unveiled the new KRE-O G.I. JOE line last night in New York City at its annual New York Comic Con preview event celebrating the Company’s extensive portfolio of pop culture brands.

With G.I. JOE toys recently topping The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ list of “100 Toys That Define Our Childhood” at #1, the upcoming G.I. JOE: Retaliation movie from Paramount Pictures scheduled to hit theaters on March 29th, 2013 in 3D and an ongoing comic book series from IDW Publishing, the G.I. JOE brand from Hasbro continues to captivate generations of fans around the world. The addition of KRE-O G.I. JOE sets to the brand’s portfolio will offer the opportunity to build environments and vehicles to play out the G.I. JOE vs. COBRA fantasy and will feature KREON figures based on popular characters from both the heroic G.I. JOE team like DUKE and SNAKE EYES as well as the villainous COBRA organization like FIREFLY and STORM SHADOW.

“We’re thrilled to bring the G.I. JOE property to life in this new format and to expand the KRE-O line with the team at Toys“R”Us,” said Kimberly Boyd, Senior Marketing Director for the KRE-O brand at Hasbro, Inc. “With the introduction of KRE-O G.I. JOE building sets, Hasbro continues to offer tremendous value to construction consumers with high-quality building experiences featuring popular characters from properties unavailable anywhere else in the category.”

“The G.I. JOE brand and its deep roster of iconic characters are legendary in the toy industry and the KRE-O G.I. JOE line will be an exciting addition to the construction aisle at all of our retail locations,” said Lisa Harnisch, Senior Vice President, General Merchandising Manager, Toys“R”Us, U.S. “Hasbro has done a tremendous job of translating the epic saga of G.I. JOE vs. COBRA and favorite characters like SNAKE EYES and COBRA COMMANDER into a compelling line of construction toys, and we’re eager to bring KRE-O G.I. JOE building sets exclusively to Toys“R”Us customers early next year.”

At launch in February of 2013, the KRE-O G.I. JOE line available exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us and www.Toysrus.com will feature the following building sets, ranging from $2.99 to $39.99:

(Ages: 6 – 12; Available: Spring 2013)

Start your KRE-O G.I. JOE collection with these iconic G.I. JOE and COBRA characters! Each G.I. JOE KREON figure comes with a unique weapon and cool accessories, and is sold blind-bagged. The first wave of characters includes CRAIG “ROCK N’ ROLL” MCCONNEL, KIM ARASHIKAGE, COBRA TROOPER, CRIMSON GUARD, SCARLETT, COBRA AXE NINJA, COBRA NINJA VIPER, QUICK KICK, ALLEY VIPER, EDWARD “TORPEDO” LEILOHA, and ADVENTURE TEAM COMMANDER. Each sold separately.

(Ages: 6 & up; Available: Spring 2013)
Help defend the G.I. JOE base at Checkpoint Alpha from the villainous forces of COBRA! Build the checkpoint tower with push-fire missile as well as FIREFLY’S motorcycle in this 82-brick set, which comes with a FIREFLY KREON character, LAW & ORDER KREON character and a KREON dog.

(Ages: 6-12; Available: Spring 2013)
Can SNAKE EYES save the G.I. JOE Dojo from COBRA’s ninja attackers? Build the Dojo, a weapons rack and a spinning blade training unit in this 100-piece building set, which also includes four KREON figures — SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW and two COBRA RED NINJAS!

(Ages:7-14 ; Available: Spring 2013)
When COBRA attacks with its new SERPENT ARMOR MECH SUIT, it’s up to the G.I. JOE team to ride into battle in the VAMP 4X4! Build both mighty vehicles with this 175-piece building set, including an opening cockpit and opening and closing claw on the SERPENT ARMOR, and rotating wheels and opening doors on the VAMP. Also comes with two KREON figures — DOUBLE CLUTCH and COBRA MECH SUIT TROOPER.

(Ages: 7-14; Available: Spring 2013)
COBRA has stolen the plans to the G.I. JOE team’s base and they’re flying away with them in the COBRA CLAW GLIDER. The only thing that can save the G.I. JOE team is the iconic G.I. JOE DRAGONFLY helicopter! The 152- piece building set builds a helicopter with opening hatch, push-fire projectiles and a propeller that spins with the push of a button! Also comes with two KREON figures — a COBRA TROOPER and WILD BILL.

(Ages: 7-14; Available: Spring 2013)
Build the ultimate COBRA assault vehicle to battle the G.I. JOE team in their BATTLE QUAD with push-fire projectile. The COBRA ASSAULT VEHICLE features a rotating turret with two spring-loaded projectiles, six rotating wheels, an opening front hatch and an opening back to store weapons. The 246- piece building set also comes with three KREON figures — FLINT and two COBRA TROOPERS.

(Ages: 7-14; Available: Spring 2013)
The battle between G.I. JOE and COBRA takes to the open water as the G.I. JOE THUNDERWAVE JET BOAT goes up against the new COBRA STING RAIDER. The THUNDERWAVE JET boat features a command center for interior play, spring-loaded firing weapon and a small land vehicle that can roll off the ship and down the opening ramp in the back. The 218- piece building set also includes three KREON figures— two G.I. JOE characters (LT. CUTTER and SGT. STALKER) and one COBRA character. Set is not intended for use in water.

(Ages: 7-14; Available: Spring 2013)
Yo, JOE! Build the G.I. JOE team’s battle platform base as it comes under attack from COBRA TROOPERS looking to spring COBRA COMMANDER out of jail! The 372- piece building set allows you to build the base and two COBRA vehicles, the TROUBLE BUBBLE and FANG, as well as a G.I. JOE RAM CYCLE. The base includes a command center for interior play, rotating flick-fire missiles and an opening jail cell. Also includes five KREON figures — CONRAD “DUKE” HAUSER, ROADBLOCK, COBRA COMMANDER and two COBRA TROOPERS, each with unique weapons and accessories!