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Two More AcidFree Gallery Prints!

AcidFreeGallery.com just revealed two more prints that will go on sale next week! Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow! I have to say, I really like the CC and may just have to pick it up. Although, I don’t know where I’d put it. Wall space is at a premium!


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New Stuff From IDW Limited

Hey guys,

A couple days ago I mentioned in a post that I bought some stuff from IDW Limited. Well, here it is! First up is a one of a kind sketch cover of GI Joe Infestation with Cobra Commander by Germanico. I have to say it looks badass and makes me want to buy a couple more sketch covers from IDW.  Second, I picked up the Cobra Civil War Lithograph Gallery. It is prints of 9 covers from the Civil War, all the variants with CC’s head/helmet and another character.


I also may have some big news about some really cool IDW Joe stuff in the next day or two. I’m efforting that in my free time. Hint: original art.