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Custom Toxo Viper In Hand Review!


All Geared Up!!

This figure is even more impressive in person! Well worth the price. It honestly looks like I just ripped it out of the bubble when comparing it to my other 30th Anni and POC figures. It appears to use Airtight’s head and legs with modified boots. The torso, arms and hands are all unknown to me. The figure also has a waist piece that has been attached, giving the suit a little extra effect.


















Just the Figure.


The chest has some new modeling/sculpting, maybe to allow for the chest piece to sit snugly on the figure.


The helmet is from the original Toxo Viper and repainted to match



















Completing the 82-94 ARAH run

Ever since I was a child playing with joes I always dreamed of having every figure. Unlike many, I never grew out of joes and I haven’t lost sight of that goal, even if there were times when I wasn’t collecting. I’m on a mission to complete my collection of all of the figures that Hasbro produced from 82-94. Currently I am 70 figures away from completing my goal. One of the aspects of this blog will be to follow my progress towards this goal and as I acquire new figures I will post a review of sorts about them. 

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New Joes!

Well I have been busy buying more Joes! I’ve purchased 30 vintage figures and 20 modern figures. I have the entire set of Renegades Joes including the Amazon exclusive. I also picked up a MOC 1984 Mutt & Junkyard! I have something very special planned to display with that.

I am 70 figures away from completing the 82-94 run and as I have gotten closer to completing the vintage line I have been looking into different areas to expand my Joe collection. I am big into collecting international Joes and also have a growing collection of Joe prototypes and preproduction artwork!

More to come…