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I was a late adopter to listening to the two main Joe podcasts in the community: Flag Points and WOJM. I have listened to all of FP and now 11 episodes of WOJM. I have to say I prefer FP so far. And Chuck on WOJM is something… 


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I have also been busy collecting prototypes. I have picked up unassembled resin prototypes of eco warriors BBQ and Deep Six. I also snagged 83 Scarlett and a test shot 1982 cobra officer. 

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Custom Toxo Viper In Hand Review!


All Geared Up!!

This figure is even more impressive in person! Well worth the price. It honestly looks like I just ripped it out of the bubble when comparing it to my other 30th Anni and POC figures. It appears to use Airtight’s head and legs with modified boots. The torso, arms and hands are all unknown to me. The figure also has a waist piece that has been attached, giving the suit a little extra effect.


















Just the Figure.


The chest has some new modeling/sculpting, maybe to allow for the chest piece to sit snugly on the figure.


The helmet is from the original Toxo Viper and repainted to match