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Huge International GI Joe Find!

It has been a popular topic on Hisstank for about a week now, but I figured I would cover it here as it is a significant find! A collector in Brazil came forward with a picture of 15 (YES 15) MOC Cobra De Aco figures! This effectively doubles the amount of known MOC De Aco. There was a lot of early speculation that the picture was photoshopped, but the owner also released several other pictures to verify it. In addition, 2 MOC De Aco have sold on eBay this week for OVER $4K each. The price shocked me as several previous examples have sold for $2,500-3,000. I also thought that news of double the amount of examples known would also effectively bring the price down, but it seems that there are some eager collectors out there that are willing to spend more than previous examples have sold for. I think the market for these will fluctuate quite a bit, especially if we see more of these go up for sale by the owner.