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After a LOOOONG Break, New Joes!

Searching for rare international figures and vehicles can be a labor of love and a grind. In addition, you will almost certainly come across someone who will eventually try and take the money and run…. A few months ago, I came across a score too good to pass up  – Venezuelan vehicles. Some of the hardest Joe stuff to find on the planet. I thought I knew the seller and I thought he had a great reputation, but it turns out he tried to take my money. Luckily, I got mine back, thank God for Paypal Buyer Protection, but I know others are still waiting to hear back from this guy. With that unfortunate incident, I was feeling down on Joe and took a break from searching.

JoeCon was a refreshing experience and getting to meet so many people in person refueled by passion for GI Joe. At the Declassified booth, I came across a fun international variant that I hadn’t seen before; the European Devastator. It is molded in grey instead of off-white and the maroon pieces are molded in a bright red. It is a great piece that is fortunate to be rare and relatively inexpensive. On eBay UK there are two up for auction right now, however, both have broken antennas. I almost bought one of those because five euros is a great deal; but I really wanted an unbroken, mint piece. So I made a few more searches and came across a MIB Euro Devastator! It was a great find for only $50!



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Hasbro Reveals GI Joe 50th Anniversary Line at Toy Fair 2014!!!

Well some very exciting news came out over the weekend that definitely clamed the Joe fans out there who were worried that Hasbro would not offer anything for the 50th anniversary of the brand. Hasbro blew my expectations out of the water! I thought there would definitely be some Kreo figures and possibly a couple figures but I did not expect the huge amount of figures, vehicles and Kreo playsets that were announced!

I’ll start by summarizing the GI Joe Kreo 2014 offerings. Hasbro will again continue to release Kreo exclusively at Toys R Us and starting this March we will see Wave 3! The blind bag wave 3 figures include:

Wave 3 Blind Bags

  • Nunchuk
  • Atomic Man (Mike Power)
  • Snow Serpent
  • Cobra Air Trooper
  • Tomax
  • Lady Jaye
  • Night Creeper
  • Footloose
  • Scrap Iron
  • Low Light
  • Doc
  • Torch



Wave 4 Blind Bags

  • Air Adventurer
  • Budo
  • Alpine
  • Chuckles
  • Cobra Shock Trooper
  • Cobra Viper
  • Nemesis Enforcer
  • Night Viper
  • Tripwire
  • Wet Suit
  • Zartan
  • Airborne



Wave 3 & 4 Boxed Sets

  • G.I. Joe Firebat Attack w/ Recondo, Bazooka, & AVAC
  • G.I. Joe Outpost Defense w/ Storm Shadow & Beachhead
  • Cobra Terror Drome w/ Serpentor, Cobra Officer, Xamot, Gung Ho, Mainframe, and General Hawk



I am really excited for all of the Kreo stuff! Hasbro has hit a home run with GI Joe and Kreo. The terror drome will be awesome and I can’t wait to set that one up! I read that the Firebat fits in the silo and that the silo raises and lowers! While most of this is not new, it was leaked on a customer service website several months ago, it is great to see that it ended up being true.

Now on to the 3 3/4″ line of figures.  First, this is a lot more than I expected and I hope collectors are happy that there will be GI Joe on Toys R Us shelves the entire year. The highlights of the figures and vehicles below for me are: Destro, Flint and Leatherneck. All three of those figures are straight from last year’s Joe Con Concept Vault.

09-DangerAtTheDocks-ComicCon 03-NightMarksmen-LowLig98128F 01-ArcticAmbush-SnowJob9812CC 04-SocialClash-LadyJaye981C63 02-HeatedBattle-BlowTor981BEA 06-TheVipersPit-BeachHead 05-TheEaglesEdge-Destro 07-BattleBelowZero 08-DangerAtTheDocks

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Prototype Week – Day 3!

Instead of another test shot today, I wanted to show you guys that is actually not a GI Joe product, but I think it is related. Today’s reveal is a Hasbro Flying Fighters A-10 Warthog sample box print.

Flying Fighters Logo

Flying Fighters Logo

As a background on the Flying Fighters, I will borrow from YoJoe: “In the early 1990’s, Hasbro produced a line of realistic fighter jets and helicopters called “Flying Fighters.” These jets and copters had removable joysticks with electronics inside. Buttons on the joystick produced sound effects of machine guns or missiles. Moving the joystick in different directions produced different soaring sounds. Thus, when attached to their respective vehicles, the jets and copters came alive. Typically, the vehicles of this line were undersized compared to their G.I. Joe counterparts. However, the AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter “1-101st Aviation Regiment” was close enough that Hasbro repainted it and released it as the AH-74 Desert Apache in 1992.”

I also think that either GI Joe or the Flying Fighters also borrowed from one or another for the Ghoststriker X-16 as they seem to share very similar tooling. But I may be wrong. As a little bit more information, I was unable to find any A-10 Warthog that was actually produced. So this seems to be package art for an unproduced vehicle (I could be wrong though). For some further speculation, I think, and the reason that I picked this piece up, is because it would have shared tooling with the Cobra Rattler. Anyways, enough talk, enjoy the art!

Flying Fighters A-10 Warthog Box Sample Print

Flying Fighters A-10 Warthog Box Sample Print


Prototype Week Here At the Leaky Suit Brigade!

Well guys, I’ve decided that I will post a picture of a new prototype that I acquired everyday this week! I have recently gotten very lucky and I have bee able to pick up quite a few prototypes and test shots. To kick things off, I will reveal my favorite pick up: a 1982 Grand Slam prototype! It is in great shape (minus the missing leg) with tight joints and no paint. The most interesting thing about this figure is that I actually bought it from a seller in England, so it actually might be a prototype from Palitoy. Does anyone out there know if Palitoy made a Grand Slam figure? Or could this be something even cooler like the famous mystery figure that is now known as Bombardier? 



I will be searching eBay for a cheap Grand Slam or Flash leg (since it is the same tooling) to place on the figure, so I can display it standing up. I will continue to post some cool prototype figures and an interesting mock up art piece this week, so check back everyday for something new!


Just Bought a Batman Toy! (Sorta)

Well for the first time in 20 years, I bought a Batman toy. However, this one is still GI Joe related! In 2003/2004 (I think) Funskool in India, used the mold from the 1988 Cobra Stellar Stiletto for a Batman jet. I first heard of this about 6 months ago and I had been looking for it, but did not put much effort into it. But since I also recently picked up the Bronze Bombers 12-pack which used Joe molds I decided that I would check eBay today for the Batman Battle Jet and I randomly stumbled upon it and picked it up for $10! 



GI Joe Club Figure Subscription Service (FSS) NOW AVAILABLE For Pre-Order!!!!!!

Earlier today, the Club released a teaser image of the 12 figures in the Figure Subscription Service and said that registration and reveals would soon follow. Well, we did not have to wait long for the first two new figures revealed! In addition, the FSS is open and available to pre-order. I already got my set!

The Club revealed Night Force Falcon and one of my favorite figures, the Brazilian Tiger Force Air Tight! In addition, they also released pictures of the previously seen Skull Buster and Dragonsky!






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GI Joe Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes Un-used Toy Concept Art

I won this auction off of eBay. I wasn’t a huge fan of RoC, but that didn’t stop me from picking up this Snake Eyes concept art for an un-used sculpt, with those ugly lips and all! I’ll be framing this and putting it up in the man cave. I will also be doing an “art” week here. I have been focusing a lot lately on picking up original art from the toys, comics, and cartoons and I will be showing off all of the pieces I have recently picked up.