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Interesting eBay Auctions

There have been several pretty cool auction on eBay recently (and a couple that are currently active that I will keep secret until they are over). There were several really rare international items: Manleh file card, Topson file card, Funskool Spearhead with gold boots and variant paint scheme, and two cool prototype auctions, resin ARAH Tracker and A Sludge(?) Viper resin (not pictured).

I like to post these kinds of things from time to time because unless you are looking for them, these types of things are rarely seen by the average Joe fan. The Argen 7 file cards are incredibly rare and super expensive. More expensive than the figures themselves. A little piece of cardboard can easily set you back $1,000 or more. I did not end up winning or bidding on these. It was bad timing for these to come up. I’ll have to wait till next time.





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My Argen 7 Collection

Here are pictures of my Argen 7 figures. First off, the mortal card back is a reproduction. Second, you will see two mortals and two topsons. I have the mortals with and without the cobra insignia. I think there are only 4 or 5 mortals that have symbols like mine. With the Topsons, there is a paint variation in the v-neck one with and one without the black plaint.

I am very proud of these figures, I bought them for myself as both a birthday present and for passing the CA bar and getting a job. All are complete minus topsons phone and manlehs chute (but I’m working on that). Enjoy!