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Chinese GI Joe Comics!

I first learned of the vast existence of international GI Joe comics from GI Joe Comics International. It was there that I first saw the Chinese GI Joe comics, and up until last week, I had never seen them myself or had the opportunity to buy them. So when I saw these on eBay, I snapped up all 5 as soon as I saw them. As an added benefit, they will look great with the rest of my Chinese release items!

Chinese GI Joe Comics

Chinese GI Joe Comics

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USA Today Interview with Paul Allor – IDW GI Joe Main Book Author

USA Today has a great interview with Paul Allor who, with today’s release of IDW GI Joe #12 is taking over for Fred Van Lente. The interview gets into some details his first issue, which deals with the back story of Cobra and the history of Cobra Commander and some of the different leaders of the organization throughout its history! One story includes¬†¬†the “tale focuses on a female Cobra Commander who wields tremendous political strength but is very much on her own.She is atypical within the organization’s history and in the story we put her into a situation where she’s additionally in a place where she’s seen as an outsider,” Allor teases. “It’s interesting to see how she goes about getting the job done and using her power in a place where she has many things stacked up against her already.”