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SL Gallant’s penicls for the cover of ARAH 188!

Crooning Dog

Since they’ve posted Larry Hama’s sketch, and my final version of the cover for 188 over at Newsarama, I thought I’d go ahead and show off my pencils— for those with any interest. Enjoy.


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Super Rare Funskool Rock N Roll!!!!

So here is the 3rd ultra rare funskool item that I was talking about. It came in a separate shipment than the others and that caused my delay in posting it. While it is not as flashy as the Red Stalker or Red Baroness, this figure is probably equally as hard to find. I only know of one other in collector’s hands, but I sure there are a few more out there. It is in pretty decent shape, with nothing broken, and even came with some of its original weapons (which  is tough to find with any funskool figure coming from India. They aren’t big collectors.)


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Dixon and Gulacy Declassify G.I. Joe: Special Missions!

Check out the preview for the new GI Joe Special Missions coming in March!!

Graphic Policy

As part of the re-launch of G.I. Joe comics, based on the iconic brand from Hasbro, IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce G.I. Joe: Special Missions! A new ongoing series helmed by comics legends Chuck Dixon and Paul GulacyG.I. Joe: Special Missions chronicles the G.I. Joe team members still operating undercover in the wake of many of their identities being exposed to the public. Tying directly into the story of Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth’s G.I. Joe, Special Missions’ first arc shows how the evil Baroness ends up high and dry in the eponymous G.I. Joe book.

As the raven-haired saboteur extraordinaire martials her forces and attempts to find her way back into the fold of multi-national terror organization Cobra, Scarlett must put together an elite team to covertly de-fang the storied villainess! Calling on the best covert operators the G.I…

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The Hobbit Part 1 Tonight at Midnight!!!

Hey guys, non-Joe posts will be few and far between, and I felt like a could make an exception with this one. Tonight at midnight I’m going to see the first part of the Hobbit trilogy! And to make this somewhat related to GI Joe, I snagged the Hobbit graphic novels on eBay yesterday, which were adapted by Chuck Dixon who is IDW’s mainline GI Joe writer (soon to be writing Special Missions in February). The books look great and I can’t wait to read them. They are first editions and came out in 1989 and 1990.