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New Joes!

Hey guys,

sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been very busy at work. Writing a brief for a case and the record is 180 THOUSAND pages , so a lot of late nights reading this thing. Anyway, back to the Joe stuff!

I picked several MOC/MIB Tiger Force items! First up is a UK Action Force MIB Tiger Paw. I also snagged a MOC TF Tunnel Rat and Sneak Peek from Europe! The packaging is not in English so they are the UK release (but they are identical). 


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IDW GI Joe #5 Preview!

GI Joe #5
HOMEFRONT reaches its explosive conclusion-and we do mean explosive: If BARONESS can’t hold the city of Warrenton, no one will! And the fate of the entire G.I. JOE team rests in the hands of its newest — and most inexperienced- member, HASHTAG. What will she decide?

Plus: The return of a fan-favorite Cobra character YOU’VE been clamoring for since he first appeared!


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IDW GI Joe ARAH #191 Preview!

GI Joe A Real American Hero #191
G.I. JOE goes to the jungle! LADY JAYE’s team is led into the jungles of southeast Asia for a mission that will pit G.I. JOE against an enemy they thought long gone: MAJOR BLUDD! Will fortune smile on LADY JAYE and her team or will the ruthless mercenary gain the upper hand? It’s kill or be killed in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #191!


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IDW GI Joe Cobra Files #3 Preview!

GI Joe Cobra Files #3
SNAKES AND TIGERS! FLINT’s plan to trap the team’s new, elusive enemy may be crazy enough to work: offering up a target too irresistible to pass up, he thinks they can draw their opponents out. But when things start going south-fast-it’s up to CHAMELEON to salvage the mission. Will she put the team in danger in order finish the job?



GI Joe Weapon Transport Variants

Hey guys so as I pull back on the amount of purchases this month, I will be posting pictures of interesting items in my collection. First up are the 1985 Weapon Transport and its international variations. This vehicle is often over looked and that has made collecting it and variations of it easy to do. Below are pictures of the US release, the Argentina (Plastirama) release, and the India (Funskool) version. The US vehicle is on the far right of the pictures and is in an olive drab/green color. The light green variant is Funskool, and the dark/bright green is from Argentina. You may also notice that with the Funskool version, the wheels are black while the US and Argentina versions are more grey. They are all pretty affordable at about $15 each plus shipping. In my experience, the Funskool version was a little harder to come across.




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MOC Major Bludd and MOC Plastirama Destro!

Both of these pieces will be arriving in the mail this week! First up is a MOC 1983 Major Bludd. The bubble has some lifting on the right side however, it is still attached and was an absolute steal at $37! I’ll take a little imperfection if it means I get it MOC and save several hundred bucks in the process. 

Second, I grabbed a MOC Plastirama (Argentinian) Destro! The card is in GREAT shape for something from Argentina and as a bonus, it is unpunched! It is a much cheaper and easier buy then the US release Destro which runs $200-500 depending on condition.