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Interesting eBay Auctions

So two Korean issued figures just ended on eBay. I wasn’t the winning bidder on either, the prices went crazy. Up for auction was a straight arm Rock N Roll and a straight arm Cobra Solider. They went for $313 and $712 respectively.

The price was too high in my mind, especially considering that some people in the community think they actually may be bootleg cardbacks. It has not been determined what legitimate factory the figures were produced at. In addition, the quality control on the cardbacks is also lacking. First, the entire card has artwork, rather than a space for the bubble. Second, the placement of the figures on the bubble is inconsistent and covers up different parts of the art. Third, the figures themselves seem to have no differences from the US releases (however, this is the case with some Takara figures so it isn’t definitive.)

Regardless of their authenticity, they are awesome figures on the card that I wish I could have won. I just wasn’t ready to shell out that much cash on one of them.

Here are the pics: