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GI Joe Funskool Holy Grails: Red Stalker & Red Baroness!!!!

So two of the three big surprises are a Red Stalker and Red Baroness!!! There are less than 10 Red Stalkers known and this is only the THIRD Red Baroness ever found! They are still a little dirty, I haven’t had the time to clean them up yet. I also will swap the Red Baroness’ head with a regular Funskool Baroness I have to make it display a little better. Enjoy!





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Update on Big Reveal

So, it looks like my items won’t arrive until late next week or the week after….. Hate waiting but I am very excited to post pics of some things that are rarely seen. One item is (I believe) only the second example ever seen. Merry early Christmas to me haha!

News has been slow lately, so there isn’t much to talk about. There are some really nice carded auctions on eBay right now. Satan, Ninja Ku and TNT are all ending in a couple hours. The Satan and Ku are unpunched and all three cards are in great shape. If I hadn’t bought what I just did, I would be in on those.

There are also some nice Brazilian joe auctions up at the moment, but I don’t have much interest in them. While I am a completist for the US run (at least in terms of figures from 82-94) I do not feel the same urge with international joes. Partly because of how crazy hard it is to track down certain figures and the huge amount of variants (with many largely undocumented) especially involving Funskool. I have also heard that there are  some really crazy Mexican repaint figures, but the only one I have heard that has them is of course Aire. And I’m not quite on the same level as her haha.


HUGE Surprise Coming!!!!!

Hey guys, I just found 2 absolutely amazing items. I won’t spill the beans just yet. I am going to wait until I have them on hand, but it is safe to say what I just got are among the rarest of all GI Joes.

Edit: as I have been asked to provide a hint: think tier 1 Funskool

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My Argen 7 Collection

Here are pictures of my Argen 7 figures. First off, the mortal card back is a reproduction. Second, you will see two mortals and two topsons. I have the mortals with and without the cobra insignia. I think there are only 4 or 5 mortals that have symbols like mine. With the Topsons, there is a paint variation in the v-neck one with and one without the black plaint.

I am very proud of these figures, I bought them for myself as both a birthday present and for passing the CA bar and getting a job. All are complete minus topsons phone and manlehs chute (but I’m working on that). Enjoy!