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Fun Day!

Hey guys,

So I have had quite the special day, I will leave it at that while I write up my article. Although I will say that I was given BOTH the new GI Joe Special Missions #1 and GI Joe #2 by the GREAT people at IDW. So that might give you an idea where this is headed. Big surprise coming! I’ve read both, but I’m not spoiling the fun until tomorrow.

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IDW Cobra Files Writer Mike Costa Interview at CBR

Comic Book Resources has a great interview with Cobra, now Cobra Files writer Mike Costa about the upcoming relaunch of the book. Here was my favorite part :

“Never let it be said that things can’t get worse for the heroes in a book with “Cobra” on the title. Because if there’s one thing all my ex-girlfriends will tell you I’m good at, it’s crushing all hope.”

Check it out here.