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So I picked up several items recently. First, and not too interesting, I picked up 2 more V1 Toxo-Vipers. Second, I snagged the very rare, Nitro Viper file card still in the convention magazine (Nitro Viper is the only GI Joe that did not come with a file card. So, a fan made a file card and Hasbro officially endorsed it and released in it the convention magazine). Third, I picked up 2 international figures! I got 2 Brazilian Joes from the Eco Warriors line (Forca Eco). Enjoy!


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DIC Animation Cels

So as I have said before, I have been getting into preproduction and prototype items. That includes animation cels from the cartoons. First, while I haven’t watched Resolute (yet) there are some GREAT deals on eBay for original hand drawn art from the cartoon. Second, I have been able to score some really cool DIC animation cels. Just in today are a Cobra Commander and Road Pig cel and a Red Star, Cloudburst and Cutter cel.

Now I know DIC has gotten a lot of crap, but I was born in 1986 so I came around right in the middle of GI Joe. I had a great mix of 80s and 90s toys. That also meant that DIC was MY GI Joe universe. I wasn’t huge into the comics, I had a few, but DIC every morning before school, watching GI Joe was the best for me. Anyway enough of me talking, here are the pics!ImageImageA

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New Buys

So I bought a few new items: Eco Warriors Eco Striker MIB, an interesting 1987 Muskrat prototype with a Hydro-Viper arm. I don’t have it in hand yet, but it will certainly be interesting to see. I also picked up the 2011 SDCC Starscream MIB, and finally 4 Funskool Toxo-Vipers (Gotta keep building the Leaky Suit Brigade Army). I’m also mulling over another purchase, of a unproduced figure sketch from 1985, looks amazing, but I’m not certain what I want to pay for it.


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Custom Toxo Viper In Hand Review!


All Geared Up!!

This figure is even more impressive in person! Well worth the price. It honestly looks like I just ripped it out of the bubble when comparing it to my other 30th Anni and POC figures. It appears to use Airtight’s head and legs with modified boots. The torso, arms and hands are all unknown to me. The figure also has a waist piece that has been attached, giving the suit a little extra effect.


















Just the Figure.


The chest has some new modeling/sculpting, maybe to allow for the chest piece to sit snugly on the figure.


The helmet is from the original Toxo Viper and repainted to match