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BIG Surprise Update!!!

The surprises are in hand! (Well two of the three are here.) I won’t get a chance to post the reveal until tomorrow because it is the wife’s bday and that has to come first, haha. I will clean them up a bit and take some pictures!

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Hello from Tahiti!

Hello everyone, stopping by for a minute from Tahiti. A few things to talk about, I heard that there is a new Retaliation trailer, I haven’t caught it yet but hope to do so soon.

Tahiti is awesome and Wetsuit tagged along for the ride and I’ll be posting pictures of his vacation.

I managed to pick up the 2008 and 2010 JoeCon sets from the club sale just before I left and yesterday I found a great deal on the bagged Darklon set from 2012 JoeCon.


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SAW Viper Collection

So I realized that I have acquired quite a few cool pieces related to the SAW Viper. It didn’t start off because I loved the figure or anything like that, it just happened. I have the US release SAW Viper MOC, Chinese release MOC, Canadian release MOC, German release MOC, SAW Viper Prototype/test shot, and a DIC cartoon animation cel of the SAW Viper’s gun. It has been a goal of mine to try and collect every card variant and release of a character and it seems that SAW Viper will be the figure I collect, at least in the beginning. I know there are at least 2 UK card variants that I do not have yet (1 of the 2 I might be getting soon). I also would love information about other countries the SAW Viper might have been released in. If anyone knows I would appreciate the help. Here are the pics (minus the US release)

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So I picked up several items recently. First, and not too interesting, I picked up 2 more V1 Toxo-Vipers. Second, I snagged the very rare, Nitro Viper file card still in the convention magazine (Nitro Viper is the only GI Joe that did not come with a file card. So, a fan made a file card and Hasbro officially endorsed it and released in it the convention magazine). Third, I picked up 2 international figures! I got 2 Brazilian Joes from the Eco Warriors line (Forca Eco). Enjoy!