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Completing the 82-94 ARAH run


Ever since I was a child playing with joes I always dreamed of having every figure. Unlike many, I never grew out of joes and I haven’t lost sight of that goal, even if there were times when I wasn’t collecting. I’m on a mission to complete my collection of all of the figures that Hasbro produced from 82-94. Currently I am 70 figures away from completing my goal. One of the aspects of this blog will be to follow my progress towards this goal and as I acquire new figures I will post a review of sorts about them. 

5 thoughts on “Completing the 82-94 ARAH run

  1. Are you looking for complete figures? I picked up a few vintage Joes minus their accessories from this site for some really low prices. http://wbcollect.com/Shop/

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