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Future of Vintage GI Joe

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On Hisstank, I recently stated that I think there will come a time when 82-94 ARAH and interntional Joes lose a lot of their value. I was asked to elaborate and here is what I think regarding the future of ARAH:

Well to be honest, Joe collectors are starting to get older. I think I am definitely on the young side at 26 and I got a great mix of 80s and 90s stuff being born in 86. But there I just think that without lots of new blood, there will be a decline in vintage prices 82-94 and international stuff. As people age and get into 60+ money will not be spent on Joes, it will go to other more important real life issues. 

Bottom line is the market will dry up. Kids of today will want to collect the toys now. Some will want to get into the vintage stuff, but at that time, the 82-94 stuff will be 50-60 years old. Beyond, an older fan base, this stuff will age, some will break etc., so there will also be less out there. 

One thing to look at is the 12inch vintage figure market. That stuff from the 60s-70s is not that expensive…. And I would say that it does not sell well based on what I have seen on ebay. Certainly nothing like ARAH. And I’d also say that the 12inch collectors are vanishing from the Con. 

Additionally, I’ve gotten to the point where I have EVERYTHING from 82-94 vehicles/figures, except for 3 night force figures. I don’t madly collect modern stuff like I do vintage. So I am basically out of the game with regard to 82-94, but I have some weird fascination with the 88 Toxo-Viper and army build only that guy. There is quite a bit of international stuff that I am still hunting down and I will continue to collect 82-94 prototype/preproduction items. So, people will drop out as they finish their collections. (I do realize though that these pieces will come back on to the market at some point). 

Lots of rambling but I think there are some good points about the future of vintage ARAH.

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