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David Perillo GI Joe Prints – Acidfreegallery.com

Well I went on at 9:30am and I was able to snag both a Cobra and GI Joe print! They look really cool and I will be framing them and hanging them in my new GI Joe man cave that is under construction!  Just an FYI, both the Cobra and Joe prints are still available at this time. However, the Transformers prints are sold out.


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My Argen 7 Collection

Here are pictures of my Argen 7 figures. First off, the mortal card back is a reproduction. Second, you will see two mortals and two topsons. I have the mortals with and without the cobra insignia. I think there are only 4 or 5 mortals that have symbols like mine. With the Topsons, there is a paint variation in the v-neck one with and one without the black plaint.

I am very proud of these figures, I bought them for myself as both a birthday present and for passing the CA bar and getting a job. All are complete minus topsons phone and manlehs chute (but I’m working on that). Enjoy!