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Celeb Buzz has an interview with Jon Chu, Retaliation’s director, where he discusses working on the Master’s of the Universe Movie and dishes a little bit on the status of GI Joe Retaliation:

From Chu:…”my first priority right now is still G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  We are finishing the dimensionalizing of the film and I want the audience to be blown away by the 3D work we do in it so that takes a lot of my time and energy currently. It’s a lot of technical and creative stuff put together which I love. I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve done, finally!”

Here is the entire interview: http://www.celebuzz.com/2012-10-17/never-say-never-g-i-joe-2-director-jon-m-chu-discusses-his-masters-of-the-universe-movie-exclusive/

I will definitely see the movie the first night it comes out and I’ll keep my expectations low, but hope to be surprised. I would love for the movie to do well because that keeps the brand going and in stores, which is most important.

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So I picked up several items recently. First, and not too interesting, I picked up 2 more V1 Toxo-Vipers. Second, I snagged the very rare, Nitro Viper file card still in the convention magazine (Nitro Viper is the only GI Joe that did not come with a file card. So, a fan made a file card and Hasbro officially endorsed it and released in it the convention magazine). Third, I picked up 2 international figures! I got 2 Brazilian Joes from the Eco Warriors line (Forca Eco). Enjoy!


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GI Joe Comics – Origin of the Croc Master

Just finished GI Joe: Cobra #7, Origin of the Croc Master. I enjoyed it, although some of the artwork was a little too washed out and not detailed enough for my taste. As I have said before, I really enjoy character development and origin type stories. However, the skinny take on the Croc Master doesn’t appeal to me too much. I also am wondering how this relates to the story going forward, as several issues ago he seemed to have been killed off by Le Tene (now Chameleon). So maybe this means he is not dead…

While it is also a long shot, the whole eco-terrorist thing opens up the possibility for Eco-Warriors, which I really enjoyed as a kid and would love to see in these comics.

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Future of Vintage GI Joe

On Hisstank, I recently stated that I think there will come a time when 82-94 ARAH and interntional Joes lose a lot of their value. I was asked to elaborate and here is what I think regarding the future of ARAH:

Well to be honest, Joe collectors are starting to get older. I think I am definitely on the young side at 26 and I got a great mix of 80s and 90s stuff being born in 86. But there I just think that without lots of new blood, there will be a decline in vintage prices 82-94 and international stuff. As people age and get into 60+ money will not be spent on Joes, it will go to other more important real life issues. 

Bottom line is the market will dry up. Kids of today will want to collect the toys now. Some will want to get into the vintage stuff, but at that time, the 82-94 stuff will be 50-60 years old. Beyond, an older fan base, this stuff will age, some will break etc., so there will also be less out there. 

One thing to look at is the 12inch vintage figure market. That stuff from the 60s-70s is not that expensive…. And I would say that it does not sell well based on what I have seen on ebay. Certainly nothing like ARAH. And I’d also say that the 12inch collectors are vanishing from the Con. 

Additionally, I’ve gotten to the point where I have EVERYTHING from 82-94 vehicles/figures, except for 3 night force figures. I don’t madly collect modern stuff like I do vintage. So I am basically out of the game with regard to 82-94, but I have some weird fascination with the 88 Toxo-Viper and army build only that guy. There is quite a bit of international stuff that I am still hunting down and I will continue to collect 82-94 prototype/preproduction items. So, people will drop out as they finish their collections. (I do realize though that these pieces will come back on to the market at some point). 

Lots of rambling but I think there are some good points about the future of vintage ARAH.

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Joe Comics

Just read GI Joe Cobra #5. It leaves you a little in the dark but it looks like Serpentor is the leader of The Coil, a group similar to Scientology. While weird, I like that Cobra isn’t an in your face, we are terrorists, like they were in the Sunbow and DIC cartoons and the old comics. This helps give it a modern vibe and helps it work in today’s society where we would just use drones and small assaults to systematically kill/destroy a terrorist organization.


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Joe Comics

Just finished GI Joe Cobra Special #2. I really like Le Tene’s character. It was quite the twist, her becoming the “new” Chameleon. I also likes that she was onto the Joe’s trick with her supposed mother. The character development and back stories are what I enjoy the most in GI Joe. Similar to the character development in the Renegades cartoon series.


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Joe Comics

Just finished reading GI Joe Cobra II #4. I really enjoyed the fight scene panels with Chuckles and the Cobra Vipers. I especially liked that they didn’t have text. It was also good to know who Jinx’s look a like is now, Chameleon. Can’t wait till issue 10 when try pick up Chuckles storyline again and I find out what Cobra Commander has in store for him.

Also I’m enjoying the adult twist with characters dying. Makes it more believable.