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Interview with Adrianne Palicki

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Collider.com has an interesting interview with Adrianne Palicki discussing GI Joe Retaliation! Here is the link: http://collider.com/adrianne-palicki-red-dawn-gi-joe-2-interview/211386/

But I’ve taken the important parts below:

Collider: You’re also going through the same thing with the delay for the G.I. Joe sequel. Are you just like, “Enough already!”?

PALICKI: I was like, “Really?! Oh, my god!” I felt like, “Am I a bad luck charm? I don’t understand!” But again, that movie really came down to the fact that they didn’t want to be sandwiched in between two huge blockbuster movies and get trampled. I don’t think it would have, but I understand them being safe. And they also wanted to make it 3D, genuinely. So, I was like, “Okay, I get it.” There’s a reason for everything, I guess.

Collider: Did your physical training on Red Dawn help prepare you for G.I. Joe: Retaliation and give you a better sense of what to expect?

PALICKI: For G.I. Joe, I had much more physical action because I’m playing a Navy SEAL. So, it’s not only about holding a gun. I had to do everything 100% correctly. We had Harry Humphries, who’s one of the best of the best. He’s a retired Navy SEAL, who’s one of the original Navy SEALs, and he trained us. I loved him, but that was a lot of work. But, I felt like I was two steps ahead of the game, having done all the work on Red Dawn. And then, I also did Wonder Woman and had hand-to-hand combat training for that. I felt like I was ready.


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