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GI Joe Retaliation Movie Update

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The Rock came out on Twitter and said that he just watched GI Joe in 3D and said it was “big and bad ass. Can’t wait for you to see this film. 3/29/13.”

While I think he has to say that the movie is big and bad ass because he is in it, and he needs to promote it; I am optimistic about the movie. Like I have said previously, the delay had and continues to make me nervous because I read the delay was cause by poor reviews, which lead to reshoots. It will be great to see Joe on the big screen again, regardless of the quality and that will also mean new toys on the aisles. 

There is also word that there will be a new GI Joe Retaliation theatrical trailer that will be hitting movie theaters soon as they ramp the advertising back up. Who knows, maybe it will be the rare (or only movie?) to have a spot in two different Super Bowls, haha. 


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