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IDW GI Joe Comic Books Sales Figures For October

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Since I have been getting more into the IDW Joe comics lately, I decided to check out their sales and how they are doing compared to others. I was surprised at how far down the list GI Joe is. The best selling comic is Larry Hama’s ARAH at # 217 for the month with 8,174 comics sold, next is GI Joe V2 (Dixon) at #221 with 7,916 sold, followed by Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow at #238 with 7,151 sold, and finally Cobra at #250 with 6,873 sold. 

Come on guys, these are great books! We should pick that number up. I subscribed to all 4 books at my LCBS. The comics are really the only way to get new Joe stories because there isn’t any cartoon at the moment and Retaliation is still not out. And even when Retaliation is out, I’d put my money on the comics being the better story. 

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