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Some eBay Auctions I Won


I added to more items to the growing collection. First up in a MIB Tiger Rat. I have posted several times on here about my love and appreciation of Tiger Force. It really caught my eye as a kid and became my absolute favorite Joe sub-team. This gets added to the collection of MOC and MIB TF stuff I have collected. I now only need the Tiger Paw for a complete MIB collection of the vehicles. I have all the TF figures MOC (except for the international ones, the prices on those $600 and up are not something I want to splurge on yet.) This auction had really good timing because of the David Jensen estate auctions. He was a no-name collector who amassed a HUGE collection. His estate’s auctions got front paged on http://www.Hisstank.com and the prices rose too high and all the auctions went for a premium. So while others had to pay as much as $213, I got my for less than half of that.


Next up is a 1983 Hiss Tank Driver prototype (Edit: this is more likely the 2000 Rip It test shot, because the plastic appears to be different than that used in the 80s.) It is a first/test shot of the figure. It will go nicely with the growing prototype collection I have. Now if only I could find any 2Up of a GI Joe, that would be awesome.


4 thoughts on “Some eBay Auctions I Won

  1. That is not a 1983 Hiss Tank Driver prototype – it is a 2000 Rip It test shot.

    • Yeah I though that might be the case, but I just called it what it was titled on the auction. It’s okay either way because the price was right. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Do you know anyway to tell the difference between the two, other than saying the plastic looks different. (that is what initally made me think it was not the 83 proto, especially when I compared it to an 82 cobra officer proto I have.)

  2. Sweet! Congrats on all of it. : )

  3. The difference is that the waist is not the original 82-up soldier / officer / driver / sometimes duke etc. waist.

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