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GI Joe Retaliation Movie News

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It just came out that the reshooting of the movie was not to add more Duke/Channing Tatum to the movie. Its an interesting development, it sucked in the first movie, so I really hope that he is not in it much. Instead of killing Duke, I’d rather Retaliation would have just started completely anew, taking nothing from the first movie as if it never existed.

It also seems that Marlon Wayans/Ripcord is apparently happy that he was not included in Retaliation. To me it seems like sour grapes. Here is his quote from allhiphop.com “I’m not in it. Rip Cord steps on a landmine. They blew his black ass up… The last one they realized the black guy was the hero of the movie. So, they said ‘You know what? We’re going to do the sequel just so we can fix that. Let’s kill the black guy’.”

Apparently it was a racial thing. LOL.

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