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GI Joe Giveaway Winners!

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Sorry for the delay in announcing a winner of the giveaway. To make up for the delay, I decided to make two winners, and giveaway two figures! I just drew the names of all those who liked the Blog and Phillip Brown and and Gary Godsoe are the winners! Of course one of them had to be a self proclaimed “joelebrity.” Haha.

Since this is my first contest/giveaway and it is the Leaky Suit Brigade, you both have won MLC Toxo Vipers! Please contact me with your addresses and I’ll ship your figures right away.

Since this seemed to be pretty successful, I will be giving away two more figures at 100 likes. And this time they won’t be Toxo Vipers, I’ve got to keep army building them, not give them all away!

One thought on “GI Joe Giveaway Winners!

  1. Big congrats to the winners!

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