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Retaliation Cobra Invasion Team


Just picked this set up, man the Firefly and Cobra Invasion Trooper are awesome! The Firefly is a spot on homage to the original ARAH Firefly. They really did well updating this figure. The Invasion Trooper is also really cool. Im always down for another paratrooper and I really like the vest/web gear with Cobra on the back. The storm shadow is  disappointing. I did not buy the set for him at all. I wish it came with another Invasion Trooper to be honest. 


5 thoughts on “Retaliation Cobra Invasion Team

  1. Nice! Where did you find the set at?

    • Targets are starting to get them in stock. Have them look up this code: DPCI: 087-06-0317

      The code also applies to the first wave’s 3 packs so you will need to specify the names of the set. I was supposed to get the GI Joe Tactical set as well, but after waiting 20 minutes and them bringing the Invasion set and the Ninja Dojo, I decided not to wait. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. I still wish the paratrooper was in green to match the pre-zombie zombie viper, i’d love to see us get one in that paint scheme at some point. Glad you found it, I looked today with no luck.

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