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More Joes and Comics!

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So I have been on a comic buying streak lately. I picked up the Dead Pool comic, with the homage to GI Joe #21. But more related to Joe are these mini comics that I got as part of a giant collection I bought awhile back. I did not know much about them, but after some digging discovered they were included packed with Battle Corps 1992 figures.

There are 4 comics: Desert Dustup, Jungle Fury, Mountain Trouble, and Hijacked Heroes. I got all but, Mountain Trouble from this collection. So I went searching for the comic, and when I found them, they were priced really high, at least to me, at $30-50. That is when I stumbled upon an eBay auction for one with a MOC figure. Before that, I did not know how they were distributed. After a couple quick eBay searches I narrowed down the year (1992) and the specific line that they were packaged with (Battle Corps). I also discovered that the prices for the MOC figure including the comic were just $10-20. So, I picked up 5 MOC figures, one of each comic and then a second Mountain Trouble, so I can read it.

So for anyone looking to have “all” the comics and desperately needs these mini comics, go on eBay and search for ’92 Battle Corps MOC figures and they will all pop-up. Maybe not a Mountain Trouble at the moment, since I bought 2.







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