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GI Joe IDW Special Missions #1 Review

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Well this one is really late, especially since tomorrow I will be posting the preview pages for Special Missions #2. But it has been busy around here. Before I get into the comic, just wanted to let everyone know that while I haven’t been posting any buys lately, I have gotten some cool stuff in and will be posting pics soon.

Now to Special Missions #1. Overall it was a good read. Art was solid, though I didn’t personally like some of the inconsistency in one panel to the next. But it did not detract too much. It was a much slower pace, especially from GI Joe #1 which saw Windmill killed off. The issue is setting up the first arc and it looks promising.

Couple things to note, this is not the one off stories that the Marvel GI Joe Special Missions were, it is multi issue stories. This bothered some people, but not me. I was not looking for the nostalgia factor with this book. I get that with Hama and ARAH. Second, at one point in the story, the Baroness has a girl disguise herself as the Baroness and she narrowly avoids an assassination attempt. The girl ends up having pink hair which lead many, including myself to wonder if this was Zarana, and a potential set up to the use of Dreadnoks. Well, I got tired of the speculation so I went straight to the source and asked Dixon! Here is what he said: “No, it was not. There’s no Zarana in this continuity yet.” So boom, pipebomb, bitches, (thanks Chuck) my first interview with an IDW Joe writer. Yeah it was only one question, but it counts. I will be trying to get some interviews with writers and artists, but I won’t announce more than this unless it really happens.

I really liked the Baroness in this issue, she was being her badass/sexy self kidnapping some children and holding them for ransom. Another thing that is amazing with this book and #2 is the retail incentive covers! They look awesome! But I think they may be 1:25 so definitely a lot harder to come by. I definitely recommend checking Special Missions out, and if you are on the fence about it, commit to just the first story arc which is the first 5 or so issues. I think it will grab your attention.

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