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Flag Points Micro Ep. # 7 Featuring Wordburglar!

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Hey guys check out Flag Points Micro Ep. # 7

Skilled rapper, Joe fan and bud to the FP crew, SJ Wordburglar is about to drop a full-length, exclusively G.I. Joe-themed album on the world (Mu-a-ha-ha-HA!!) on May 30. We are big fans of his work and we’re particularly excited for this release! You can get 3/12 tracks for free (or for a donation) at http://propsdept.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-to-cobra-island-free-download right now! If you check out this episode, you’ll hear a yet-to-be-released sample from the album’s intro track which we think is amazing! SJ knows his Joe like very few others and he has the skills to broadcast his knowledge in a way that needs to be experienced to be believed! Only Wordburg can do what you’re about to hear. We wish SJ the very best and we are thrilled every time we get to “rap.” Now somebody make a custom RAP VIPER!!!

One thought on “Flag Points Micro Ep. # 7 Featuring Wordburglar!

  1. I’ll have to check this out!You should check out Secret Wars by The Last Emperor.Good stuff 😉

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