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Interesting eBay Auction – GI Joe Sunbow Cartoon Art!!!!!!

A week or two ago there was an amazing auction on eBay. It was a binder full of over 500 character designs for the GI Joe Sunbow cartoon series! The auction ended up selling for over $2,200! I snagged the pictures to share with everyone before this disappears forever into a private collection. Enjoy!



New Joes! Prototype Mock Up of Jungle Bat with GREEN Head!

Hey guys, I recently picked up several cool items. First, I grabbed the Hall of Fame edition Bat MIB as well as the FSS 1.0 Nano Bat. Second, I grabbed a super rare Jungle Bat Prototype/Mock-up with the prototype/unreleased green head! In addition, I also snagged a hand-painted bat proto with “HFE” written on him as well as another Bat prototype. Looks like I have started a little “run” of Bat prototypes now! Enjoy the pics!


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IDW Limited GI Joe/Danger Girl Cross-over Red Label Releasing 4/30!

Here is another preview of IDW Limited’s GI Joe/Danger Girl Crossover that will be offered for pre-order at the end of the month, 4/30. This is just a sampling of the great sketches that are included in this limited edition book!


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IDW GI Joe #2 Original Art!

It is no secret that I am a fan of the IDW Joe comics. Recently I was able to score what I see as the iconic page from GI Joe Vol 3. Yes, I know it is only through the second issue, but I think this page will have a lasting effect/image on the series. I acquired the original pencil drawing of GI Joe #2, page #2 with Darklon, Firefly, Croc Master, and the Baroness looking badass and taking over the small town.



GI Joe Convention Exclusives Revealed!!!!!

I have had a VERY busy day on eBay! Today is the first official day of JoeCon and the people with the Golden Ticket are going through the Club Store now and more importantly putting pictures and the toys up for sale!

Here is the list:

  • The Night Force Specialists 2-pack consists of Freestyle, a new female pilot, and Chuckles.  $60, secondary market $150+
  • The FLAK w/ Steeler  $66, secondary market 120+
  • The Night Force Boomer  con price of $145, secondary market 275+
  • The KREO Night Force 6 pack $33, secondary market $55+
  • Lady Jaye MOC $30, secondary market 200+
  •  KREO paratrooper Hit & Run  $14 (I think this goes on sale tomorrow, after the parachute drop)
  • The free bonus item is a night force ferret, secondary market $45+

Here are early pictures!



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IDW Special Missions #2 Review

Well I really liked not having to wait a month for the second issue! The story was a little slow, maybe a lot slow, it makes two in a row that are building and setting things up. So, in that respect, I like it. It gives a solid background and underpinning to the story. The art is solid. I love the retail incentive cover and cover B is my favorite regular cover. If the Special Missions books keep up the RI covers like this I will have to buy every single one. Without giving too much of the story away, the Joes reached the sunken ship first, followed closely by the Baroness, but they have not discovered each other yet. Serpentor also gets into the action, rescuing the children the Baroness kidnapped in exchange for information about what she was doing. It looks like #3 will be action packed, because at this point lots of things are coming to a head, should be exciting! Run out to your LCS and pick it up!

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Flag Points Micro Ep. # 7 Featuring Wordburglar!

Hey guys check out Flag Points Micro Ep. # 7

Skilled rapper, Joe fan and bud to the FP crew, SJ Wordburglar is about to drop a full-length, exclusively G.I. Joe-themed album on the world (Mu-a-ha-ha-HA!!) on May 30. We are big fans of his work and we’re particularly excited for this release! You can get 3/12 tracks for free (or for a donation) at http://propsdept.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-to-cobra-island-free-download right now! If you check out this episode, you’ll hear a yet-to-be-released sample from the album’s intro track which we think is amazing! SJ knows his Joe like very few others and he has the skills to broadcast his knowledge in a way that needs to be experienced to be believed! Only Wordburg can do what you’re about to hear. We wish SJ the very best and we are thrilled every time we get to “rap.” Now somebody make a custom RAP VIPER!!!