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New Joes! Funskool, FSS and more!


I bought Iceberg, the Club Membership Figure carded from the store (there still might be some available) as well as the mystery 13th FSS figure Blackout! I also picked up an Argentinian Flash with his file card. I’ve included a second picture with the US release (on the right) to compare the difference in color. Finally, I also picked some rare Funskool figures! I grabbed Emerald Zap, Purple Ripper, Gung Ho and Lady Jaye! I had been looking for the Emerald Zap and Purple Ripper for awhile and got both for a good deal! 








3 thoughts on “New Joes! Funskool, FSS and more!

  1. Awesome grabs! Congrats.

  2. Nice! I was heavily debating purchasing the plastirama flash, but I’m glad to see you got it!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I had been looking at it for a while on eBay and decided to pull the trigger. After getting a couple series 1 figures from Argentina and Brazil, I’ve decided to collect them all. I really prefer the foreign paint schemes over the US versions.

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