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Tons of New Joes!


I went on a bit of a shopping spree and picked up a lot of stuff: SDCC Zarana (both pink and cold slither versions), FSS Quarrel, Grunt, Jinx, and Cover Girl, Funskool Super Cop with his his repainted vehicles, 25th anniversary Tiger Rat (I’m hoping the next con set, and my first attending con, will be Tiger Force), Kick Start, both versions of the Vamp Mk II with the Steel Brigade driver and Double Clutch, Night Fox w/ AWE Striker, Plastirama and Funskool Weapons Transport, and Plastirama and Funskool Bomb Disposal. To finish it off, I also picked up the Bronze Bombers 12-pack that used ARAH sculpts! A ton of packages arrived this week and the wife was very surprised, but understanding 🙂

I’m excited to open up both of the Funskool vehicles because they are still sealed and come with free figure pack-ins. Here is to hoping for a Blue Hawk or Blue Short Fuze! Haha. Most likely it is just some random throw in, but it will be fun nonetheless.




2 thoughts on “Tons of New Joes!

  1. So much cool stuff am so jealous now! Congrats buddy. : )

  2. My head’s literally spinning right now!Between you and jboypac’s Joe hauls i might start to develop an aneurysm 🙂

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