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MISB Tiger Force – Tiger Paw

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This new buy gets its own post because Tiger Force is my absolute favorite sub-team. Tiger Force is also the only set that I am collecting MOC and MIB. While I have a loose set of everything, I am still trying to acquire a MIB US Tiger Fly as well as a MIB US Tiger Sting. (I lost out on eBay for both of those at $192 and 189 respectively. Couldnt make myself bid higher than those amounts.) And until this afternoon, a US MIB Tiger Paw was also missing from my collection. Well I picked one of these up in a winning eBay auction, that I actually forgot to watch for the final seconds! AND as a bonus, I bought this one, right after I lost out on another one of these 2 days ago, where I made the unfortunate winner pay $138 for his (he just kept bidding and bidding), while the one I just won was a STEAL at $75 shipped! Enjoy! Oh I also have some awesome TF stuff on the way that I will post up when it arrives!



One thought on “MISB Tiger Force – Tiger Paw

  1. Congrats! I can’t wait to see the rest of the TF stuff because am a fan of them too.

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