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New Joes!


Hey guys,

sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been very busy at work. Writing a brief for a case and the record is 180 THOUSAND pages , so a lot of late nights reading this thing. Anyway, back to the Joe stuff!

I picked several MOC/MIB Tiger Force items! First up is a UK Action Force MIB Tiger Paw. I also snagged a MOC TF Tunnel Rat and Sneak Peek from Europe! The packaging is not in English so they are the UK release (but they are identical). 


4 thoughts on “New Joes!

  1. Man those too awesome congrats on them.

  2. This is amazing! i´m a Mexican collector myself and i have not yet gotten a Tiger force Tunnel Rat, i just have Sneak Peek, Outback and Psyche out, if you have another tunnel rat or Blizzard please let me know!!!!

  3. Hi, do you have yet the tiger force europe figures?

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