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Well guys it has been a little slow around here on the GI Joe front. There has been a lack of quality international items on the market lately. In addition, since I only need about 22 vehicles for a full run of the US release Joes they are also VHTF. 

But I was able to pick up some very cool pieces! First up we have a MINT Funskool Clutch and mint Funskool Snow Job. The Clutch is the real prize as it is very tough to come by. I was also able to pick it up for a steal at $50! I have seen examples sell for more than $200! Second, we have the SDCC 2012 AND 2013 boxed sets! I hadn’t picked up the 2012 set yet and found it to be good timing to grab that along with the new 2013 SDCC GI Joe/Transformer exclusive. Third, I grabbed a GI Joe Funskool Stalker Jet! It is a largely unknown vehicle and kind of hard to find, though it doesn’t cost too much. It is basically the same as the Jet that was released as part of GI Joe Savage or Extreme (I forget because I try to block that time from my GI Joe memory). While here in the states the vehicle is not associated with ARAH, it IS in India. 






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