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After a LONG Break…. NEW JOES!


There will be several upcoming posts about new Joe acquisitions! For the first post, we have two items that actually might not be considered GI Joe. First, we have a Stargate All-Terrain Cruiser. Why did I buy this? Because it used the AWE Striker! I like hunting down and finding “Joe Toys” that aren’t actually Joe like the Bronze Bombers 12-pack and others. This is a perfect example. It is the basic AWE Striker in tan/brown with a rocket launcher on top. Fun and a cheap pick up. I am also trying to track down a couple other interesting non-Joe, Joe items. So hopefully I will have more to post soon. Second, we have an international offering from Argentina. It is a C.O.P.S. repackage of GI Joe Sorek. 


3 thoughts on “After a LONG Break…. NEW JOES!

  1. I remember those Stargate Toys being all over the place and super cheap not long after they actually came out.

  2. TheStargate “AWE” is modified to seat one larger figure (Stargate figures were bigger than 3 3/4″) and their’s a rear panel with two footpegs. The steering wheel in the middle of the dashboard. And the’re’s the missile launcher, too.

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