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Fred Van Lente Leaving IDW GI Joe Main Title


About a week about, Newsarama broke the news that IDW GI Joe main title writer Fred Van Lente will be leaving the book after #11. I was really disappointed when I heard this because I really enjoyed the direction that Fred had taken Joe. It was a breath of fresh air and I was very surprised by this. Fred said his reason for leaving was that he had too much going on and something had to give. I was also surprised to hear that Fred thinks he accomplished all that he had wanted with Joe through only 11 comics. This makes me think that IDW and Van Lente agreed to a short run from the beginning. How could you accomplish all your goals with a GI Joe comic in 11 issues? 

2 thoughts on “Fred Van Lente Leaving IDW GI Joe Main Title

  1. I think this was easily predicted. It had all the marks of what DDP when they relaunched and brought in Casey. Van Lente seemed like a nice guy at least, Casey and I butted heads in the DDP forums. But yeah, relaunch new writer, tighter team, bring in Colton, new very unpopular costumes, treat them like superheroes etc. They should have learned from the past and not repeated the mistake. (Of course Colton was the right decision in both cases, but everything else ? not so much)

    • I agree with some of what you said. But do you think Van Lente left on his terms like he said because he supposedly had done everything he wanted with GI Joe after 11 issues and had too many projects and decided on his own to drop Joe or did IDW boot him?

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