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Prototype Week Here At the Leaky Suit Brigade!


Well guys, I’ve decided that I will post a picture of a new prototype that I acquired everyday this week! I have recently gotten very lucky and I have bee able to pick up quite a few prototypes and test shots. To kick things off, I will reveal my favorite pick up: a 1982 Grand Slam prototype! It is in great shape (minus the missing leg) with tight joints and no paint. The most interesting thing about this figure is that I actually bought it from a seller in England, so it actually might be a prototype from Palitoy. Does anyone out there know if Palitoy made a Grand Slam figure? Or could this be something even cooler like the famous mystery figure that is now known as Bombardier? 



I will be searching eBay for a cheap Grand Slam or Flash leg (since it is the same tooling) to place on the figure, so I can display it standing up. I will continue to post some cool prototype figures and an interesting mock up art piece this week, so check back everyday for something new!

3 thoughts on “Prototype Week Here At the Leaky Suit Brigade!

  1. This is a hasbro prototype, not a palitoy one. However, it was most likely given to palitoy, as protos of each of the straight arm figures were sent to palitoy to show them the products when they wanted the joe molds for action force

    • I knew it was technically a “Hasbro” product, but since they sent it to Palitoy and they used it for reference etc., giving it a different history and use from the same/similar proto used here in the States I think it should be considered Palitoy. Also, in all likelihood, Palitoy, not Hasbro was the last company to use/own it. But yes, made by Hasbro since as far as I know Palitoy didn’t do anything with the 82 straight arms.

    • Also it was an absolute STEAL at $50 bucks!!!

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