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3 AWESOME Figures I just Picked Up! 2 Super Rare Commando Force Figures and One Brazilian Figure


Posts haven’t been as frequent as there hasn’t been too much going on.  I am very late on my xmas gifts (coming soon TM), but those can wait because in the last week, I finally pulled the trigger on one figure that has been available for awhile and also picked up two others that just came on the market. First up, we have the Funskool Commando Force Cross Country. This figure comes from the same set as the Canary Ann and Rednok (Red Baroness) that were giveaways with a Complan chocolate drink in India. I had my eyes on this figure for a while now and the price and timing were perfect to pick this up. All of these are birthday presents to myself; I celebrated my 28th yesterday. Second, is a Funskool Commando Force Striker! It has a broken hand, but I am think about switching it out with a Funskool Gung Ho hand seeing as they are identical. With these picks ups, I only need a Canary Ann (but with only 1 known and a 3K price tag – I may be waiting awhile) and the Firefly/Short Fuze to complete the Commando Force set. So, if any of you out there have the Firefly/Short Fuze, I am interested. But I’d like some time to recover from buying these first! Third, I picked up a mint/complete Brazilian Maligno (aka the Toxo-Viper). This was a must buy for me, I had been looking for one for a long time and this one was in great shape and came with all its accessories including the electronic backpack!


Commando Force Striker

Commando Force Striker

Brazil Maligno - Toxo-Viper

Brazil Maligno – Toxo-Viper

Commando Force Cross Country

Commando Force Cross Country

3 thoughts on “3 AWESOME Figures I just Picked Up! 2 Super Rare Commando Force Figures and One Brazilian Figure

  1. where did you get them?

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