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Tiger Force Packaging Photo Transparencies!

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I am really excited about these pieces. These, along with the incredible alternate and unused Breaker head, surfaced this last week. A guy has an amazing collection of packaging insert photos as well as figures used for the packaging and inserts of our favorite toy. As soon as I knew that the guy was (1) selling and (2) had Tiger Force items that I had to get whatever I could. I ended up with 5 packaging photos/transparencies of the Tiger Rat, Tiger Paw, Tiger Shark, Tiger Fly, and Tiger CAT! These images were (or at least appear to be) the exact images used on the back of all the boxes! In some of the transparencies, you can see the mirrors and other tools that the photographers used. 

WP_20140719_002 WP_20140719_001 WP_20140719_005 WP_20140719_003 WP_20140719_004



One thought on “Tiger Force Packaging Photo Transparencies!

  1. Wow, those are pretty cool and very unique.

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