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JoeCon 2015 Con Set Announcement – Tiger Force

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The Leaky Suit Brigade is very happy to report that the convention set for JoeCon 2015 is Tiger Force! I have been anticipating a Tiger Force related announcement from the Club for some time now. The Club revealed the set theme in their first preview of one of the convention exclusive figures – Wreckage.

Wreckage is based off of a prototype from the 1980s that used a repainted Firefly figure code named “Sabretooth.” Unfortunately this figure never made it to retail – though I would LOVE to find the prototypes from this catalog…. Hasbro did eventually release Wreckage in 2003 in their Toys “R” Us Tiger Force five pack, which also included Dial Tone, Stalker, Jinx and Big Brawler. In addition, the pre-production samples of the TF five pack included Outback – not Big Brawler. This updated modern figure uses the Ultimate Firefly tooling from Retaliation.

This reveal may indicate that we will be seeing more updated figures from that Toys “R” Us Tiger Force five pack.

Tiger Force Convention Exclusive Wreckage

Tiger Force Convention Exclusive Wreckage

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