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Complete Set of the Funskool/Complan Commando Force Figures

I was recently able to complete the Funskool/Complan Commando Force figure set! These figures free/promotional figures, that were given away on the purchase of ‘Complan Chocolate Health Drink.’ It appears that they were carded as one file card for each of the figures has surfaced (except for the Blue/Yellow Firefly/Short Fuse figure). The last figure that I needed to fill out the roster was the Blue/Yellow Firefly/Short Fuse. I believe this is the first complete set in collectors’ hands. However, I know that more sets will be completed as I have confirmed 4 Canary Ann figures now. 3 have sold, and one is still available, but it is way overpriced for the condition it is in.

Their names:
Emerald Gung Ho/Zap – “Striker”.
Red/Purple Scrap Iron/Zap – “Cross Country”
Blue/Yellow Firefly/Short Fuse – ??
Red Baroness – “Rednok”
Yellow Lady Jaye – “Canary Ann”

Funskool/Complan Commando Force Complete Set

Funskool/Complan Commando Force Complete Set