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IDW GI Joe Comic Books Sales Figures For October

Since I have been getting more into the IDW Joe comics lately, I decided to check out their sales and how they are doing compared to others. I was surprised at how far down the list GI Joe is. The best selling comic is Larry Hama’s ARAH at # 217 for the month with 8,174 comics sold, next is GI Joe V2 (Dixon) at #221 with 7,916 sold, followed by Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow at #238 with 7,151 sold, and finally Cobra at #250 with 6,873 sold. 

Come on guys, these are great books! We should pick that number up. I subscribed to all 4 books at my LCBS. The comics are really the only way to get new Joe stories because there isn’t any cartoon at the moment and Retaliation is still not out. And even when Retaliation is out, I’d put my money on the comics being the better story. 

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Update on IDW Limited GI Joe Blue Label

I spoke with one of their community managers and asked him a couple questions about the difference between Blue, Black and Red Labels:

The difference is typically in the art. We commission the artists to do more elaborate, more time intensive work.

Blue Label is also stamped with the Blue foil imprint, bound in blue and has a blue satin bookmark ribbon. So there’s some really nice small touches.

The GI Joe art should be in the office soon and we will definitely be passing along previews of it. Can’t wait to see it!

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IDW Limited GI Joe Blue Label

So I got Twitter, I always thought I would avoid that one…. But anyways, my first tweet ever got a response from IDW Limited. GI Joe Limited will be available in January! I’ll be buying the Blue Label edition! My wallet is already hurting in anticipation, but it will be a nice Bday present to myself.


@TheRealDoomsun The Transformers Blue Label sold out in about 6 hours. GI Joe is coming in January.



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New Relaunch of IDW Comics in February – New Character Sneak Peek

From USA Today

“And like any good public organization nowadays, G.I. Joe even has a social-media expert, the new character Hashtag. The first Indian-American Joe, she’s an embedded journalist and blogger “who has a family military background and they think they can control her,” Van Lente says. “Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re wrong.””

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GI Joe Comics – Origin of the Croc Master

Just finished GI Joe: Cobra #7, Origin of the Croc Master. I enjoyed it, although some of the artwork was a little too washed out and not detailed enough for my taste. As I have said before, I really enjoy character development and origin type stories. However, the skinny take on the Croc Master doesn’t appeal to me too much. I also am wondering how this relates to the story going forward, as several issues ago he seemed to have been killed off by Le Tene (now Chameleon). So maybe this means he is not dead…

While it is also a long shot, the whole eco-terrorist thing opens up the possibility for Eco-Warriors, which I really enjoyed as a kid and would love to see in these comics.

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Joe Comics

Just read GI Joe Cobra #5. It leaves you a little in the dark but it looks like Serpentor is the leader of The Coil, a group similar to Scientology. While weird, I like that Cobra isn’t an in your face, we are terrorists, like they were in the Sunbow and DIC cartoons and the old comics. This helps give it a modern vibe and helps it work in today’s society where we would just use drones and small assaults to systematically kill/destroy a terrorist organization.


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Joe Comics

Just finished GI Joe Cobra Special #2. I really like Le Tene’s character. It was quite the twist, her becoming the “new” Chameleon. I also likes that she was onto the Joe’s trick with her supposed mother. The character development and back stories are what I enjoy the most in GI Joe. Similar to the character development in the Renegades cartoon series.


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Joe Comics

Just finished reading GI Joe Cobra II #4. I really enjoyed the fight scene panels with Chuckles and the Cobra Vipers. I especially liked that they didn’t have text. It was also good to know who Jinx’s look a like is now, Chameleon. Can’t wait till issue 10 when try pick up Chuckles storyline again and I find out what Cobra Commander has in store for him.

Also I’m enjoying the adult twist with characters dying. Makes it more believable.